create art while you enhance your Arts program
at the same time.

We have a proven program that can make this happen and make it fun.  We would love to
take credit for coming up with the concept, but the credit belongs to a glass artist and his
wife, who is a teacher in Madison, Wisconsin.  The program has been used successfully
by schools throughout Wisconsin to help resolve their funding shortfalls.  

Accents in Glass is now making the program available in New England.

We supply your school with a kit of enough precut glass materials to allow your
students to create 216 Art Glass Pendants.  The process is simple and Accents In Glass
includes training for up to two adults to assist the students with their
introduction to fused Art Glass.

You Make This ...                                     To Create This !!!
When finished, the pendants are sold by your students utilizing whatever sales model
you have had success with in the past, Holiday events, Town fairs, Harvest Suppers,
Mother's and Father's Day gifts, online sales or PTA/PTO events, to name just a few.
The pendants are normally sold as necklaces, but they can also be used as
key fobs or zipper pulls. The cost for the kit and the instruction is $450.
Larger schools can order multiple kits.

Once the students have created their pendants, they will require firing in a kiln.
If your school does not own a kiln, Accents In Glass will fire all of your pendants for an
additional fee of $50 per kit.  If your school owns a kiln, firing instructions
will be provided during the training.

The pendants typically sell for $15.  With a selling price of $15 per pendant and a cost
per piece of $2.08, a successful sale will net your school a profit of $2790 per kit, with
the added benefit of enhancing and enriching your Arts program.  

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